'Souls to the Polls' encourages African American community to vote

(Photo: SBG San Antonio)

An early voting caravan initiative is helping get the black community here in San Antonio to the polls.

It's called "Souls to the polls." Organizers want the community to take pride in voting and show up in large numbers to cast their ballot.

Due to the pandemic, this is the first year it as done in "Caravan-style."

"Right now with COVID, particularly the racial tensions across the country dealing with African Americans it's so important that we get out and we vote," said Dr. Leonetta Green, Community Organizer. "COVID hasn't stopped up from social distancing while we vote so it's our right and that's why it's so important for us to voice that. Our ancestors died for that right and we should take advantage of it."

Souls to the Polls was born out of the Civil Rights Movement.

It's a major event for the black community, meant to uplift and move the black community to the polls.

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