“Beyond The Pole” Finale Exclusive: Will COVID Cancel Gigi’s Final Pole Performance? [VIDEO]

Gigi’s big night is almost here!

Beyond The Pole

Source: Courtesy WeTV / WeTV

Happy Hump Day! We’re just a day away from the season finale of “Beyond The Pole” and we’ve got an exclusive clip for your viewing pleasure. If you haven’t been watching — it’s not too late to binge watch now! The series is all about a group of Atlanta’s hottest dancers who are looking to transition from working in the club to life Beyond the Pole.

In the clip below, we see the ladies come together for Gigi’s final public pole performance. We know what you’re thinking — didn’t she do her “Last Dance” years ago? Yep she did ( we were in the building!) but she’s headed back to the stage for a truly special cake clapping finale and the whole gang is going all out. Unfortunately, they have no control over the club’s COVID protocols, which threaten to keep some important special guests from attending. Will the show still go on?

Check out the clip below:

Here’s what to expect from the finale episode:

On Thursday, August 5th at 10 PM ET/9 PM CT, after setbacks, Gigi pulls off her last performance on the pole, to fund her dream restaurant. After meeting with Ty to discuss co-parenting, Lyric visits her mother and digs into the childhood trauma which causes her to form toxic relationships.

BEYOND THE POLE – SEASON FINALE Thursday, August 5 at 10 PM ET/9 PM CT on WeTV. Will you be watching?

Read more: https://bossip.com/2034063/beyond-the-pole-finale-exclusive-will-covid-cancel-gigis-final-pole-performance-video/

Do Better: DaBaby’s String Of Cancellations Reportedly Began After He Missed DaDeadline For A Promised Apology Video

A new report reveals DaBaby’s string of festival cancellations may have started after he missed a second chance to mend things with promoters that could have saved his festival run.

Power 107.5/106.3 Back 2 School Bash

Source: Kate Nichole / Kate Nichole

It’s been over a week since DaBaby’s Rolling Loud performance that could very well change his career forever. His homophobic comments on stage, to him, were just a part of the show, but his remarks came with a ton of consequences.

Since then, he’s been called out by the LGBT+ community, with even Elton John speaking out, which seemed to accelerate the backlash that much more. Following some statements from celebs, DaBaby has been dropped from Lollapalooza, ACL, Music Midtown and basically every festival he was scheduled to perform at except for Summer Jam.

According to Billboard, the cancellations started after he missed a deadline to deliver a video apologizing before his Lollapalooza set.

Representatives for rapper DaBaby reached out to the promoters of seven fall festivals that had booked the Charlotte, N.C., rapper and assured them an apology would be forthcoming. DaBaby was planning to tape a short video that would be played before he took the stage at Lollapalooza in Chicago on Sunday, Aug. 1, in which he would deliver a heartfelt apology to the LGBTQ+ community for his distasteful remarks during his set in Miami the previous weekend.

The video would make up for DaBaby’s lackluster apology on July 27 (two days after his Rolling Loud set) where he brushed off complaints by LGBTQ+ activists, writing on Twitter, “I ain’t trippin on y’all, do you. y’all business is y’all business.” The remarks only amplified public outcry that DaBaby be dropped from his upcoming gigs, and on July 28, reps for DaBaby’s camp assured the various festival promoters on his upcoming tour that the video he was creating to air before his set at Lollapalooza would be a sincere apology.

But the video never arrived. On Sunday morning, Lollapalooza issued a statement via social media, saying, “DaBaby will no longer be performing at Grant Park tonight.” As the day wore on, news began to trickle out that DaBaby’s camp had missed its deadline to deliver the apology video to Lollapalooza organizers C3 Presents and Live Nation. Rapper Young Thug would now perform in DaBaby’s time slot instead.

Why he missed the deadline, we may never know, but he did issue a written apology on his Instagram. Since then, he has been dropped by five festivals and that apology seems to not have stopped the backlash or helped him save face at all.

Can he overcome this? Yes. Should he start the work now? Absolutely. Not saying he needs a crisis management team, but consulting with someone who used to work in that field might not hurt.

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Read more: https://bossip.com/2034016/do-better-dababys-string-of-cancelations-reportedly-began-after-he-missed-dadeadline-for-a-promised-apology-video/

Angela Bassett To Make $450,000 Per ‘9-1-1’ Episode, Could Become Highest Paid Actress Of Color On Drama Series

Angela Bassett could reach a huge milestone if recent news about her salary is true.

FOX's 9-1-1 - Season Four

Source: FOX / Getty

The legendary actress is reportedly getting a massive payday for her work on Fox’s hit drama series, 9-1-1. Not only has she starred on the show for all 4 seasons, but she also serves as an executive producer on 9-1-1 and the spinoff, 9-1-1: Lone Star.

Bassett reportedly received a pay increase allegedly making a whopping $450,000 an episode. If this amount is accurate, that would put her in the ranks of the top salaries on network television for any actor, male or female. Plus, she is likely to be the highest paid actress of color on any broadcast drama series.

According to reports from Deadline, after some lengthy negotiations, all series regulars on 9-1-1 have secured pay increases ahead of Season 5. Angela Bassett led the way with a major bump that takes her to north of $450,000 an episode, while the show’s male lead, Peter Krause, commands the second biggest check on the show, believed to be in the low $300K per episode range.

Beyond the actors who get top billing–which also includes Jennifer Love Hewitt–the rest of the cast, including original cast members Aisha Hinds, Rockmond Dunbar, Kenneth Choi and Oliver Stark, as well as Ryan Guzman, who joined in Season 2, are believed to be all getting a 25% raise to about $80,000 an episode next season, which is projected to go up to $100,000 an episode in Season 6.

$450,000 an EPISODE…now that’s a pretty penny. But if anyone deserves it, it’s Angela Bassett.

Read more: https://bossip.com/2034029/angela-bassett-to-make-450000-per-9-1-1-episode-could-become-highest-paid-actress-of-color-on-drama-series/

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