Officer Who Put Eric Garner In Chokehold Was ‘Untruthful’ To Investiga…


Judge Rosemarie Maldonado has recommended that Officer Daniel Pantaleo be fired from the NYPD for his “reckless” use of the banned maneuver. The New York City police officer who placed Eric Garner in a chokehold before his death was “untruthful” during interviews with investigators following the fatal encounter, a police administrative judge said in an opinion obtained by The New York... Read more ....Covering News And Information For The HBCU Com…


Just in time for the new academic year...the source for all HBCU happenings.  Click Here Read more

Tea Party Ex-Congressman Joe Walsh Apologizes For Helping Elect ‘Unfit…


The former Illinois representative urges a new primary challenge for the “reckless” and “incompetent” president. Former Rep. Joe Walsh (R-Ill.), the conservative talk-show host and prominent “tea party” figure, on Wednesday called President Donald Trump an “unfit conman” and a “racial arsonist” and urged a primary challenge for the Republican nomination next year.  Walsh also apologized both for his own heated rhetoric over the years and for helping to... Read more

5 Years After Ferguson, Democrats Announce Bill To Curb Deadly Police …


The legislation, which would raise the standard for police use of force, was announced on the anniversary of Michael Brown’s death. On Friday ― five years to the day after a white police officer shot and killed Michael Brown, an unarmed Black teen in Ferguson, Missouri ― Democratic lawmakers announced legislation aimed at reducing police killings by raising the standard for law... Read more

Long John Silver’s Drops Fox News After Tucker Carlson Said White Supr…


The brand is one of more than 20 that have stopped advertising during the Fox News host’s show because of his offensive rhetoric. Fox News and host Tucker Carlson are losing more advertisers. Long John Silver’s will no longer advertise on Fox News, as confirmed to Media Matters’ Angelo Carusone. Nestlé and HelloFresh, which have advertised on Carlson’s show in the past, told The Hollywood Reporter they were no... Read more

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